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FM 2014 Dark Skin

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  • Category: Skins
This skin is no longer needed. Simply download the official Dark Skin through the Steam Workshop!

This is a direct copy of the FM13 dark skin into FM14, with compatibility added and a few graphical changes to make everything visible.

This probably won't be updated much in the future unless it's a quick fix. I updated it for myself to use, so thought I'd upload it for others to use in the meantime. Thanks to Jack as well for his help in getting a few panels working!

Hopefully SI will release an official dark skin with the "full" release of the game!

Download and extract the two folders into Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\skins

To activate, you need to go to Preferences -> Interface and select the skin from the dropdown menu.
Skin last updated 26th October!


Has anyone been able to make this work...it doesn't show up in the drop down box i preferences.......(yes the folder is in the skins folder)......another dark skin I downloaded does show up.

It should have extracted two folders - "fm2013fmv dark" and "fm2013fmv dark-widgets".


If they are not there, give it another download and move them into the correct place. It's possible that it stayed in the extraction folder. :)

I see......I left both of them in the same folder it was extracted in (fm2014-fmv-dark)....I have pulled them out of the one folder and dropped each of the two folders in the skins file...OK now....thanks

has the link gone, as ive tried over and over and it wont download

sorry, sorted.

bittorrent wasn't downloading it, done it without

Is there a way to make the font bigger? Nice work by the way, it has saved my eyes.

You can go into settings and change the zoom level now to increase the font size. :)

Ah, ok. Not got the beta, not a fan of last years. This'll make my eyes very happy! Thanks again..


Still don't understand why they don't release it with a dark skin.

Thanks for this one (my eyes are very happy) :)

this is fantastic, so much better than that horrid white screen. I have noticed one glitch - while selecting season expectations the selected option whites out the information. it's probably just a colour change that's needed.


Oh, btw, there's a great 2014 facepack set over on fm-base, which goes very well with this skin:



Thanks barry! Already got that on our list of bugs, and a fix should be out sometime around the weekend. :)

Love the skin, great work! So much easier on the eyes than the original one!


One issue I seem to be having though:


The title bar colours seem to invert quite often. Playing as Rangers and when I load the game up the team name is in white text on a blue background - which is correct as blue is the main colour and white would be the secondary colour - but then if I click on a player profile the text changes to blue and the title bar goes white? Then when I click on the main squad page again the titlebar stays white with the text blue. 


I don't mean on the manager page because I know that is something that can be altered in the 'Preferences'.


Any ideas why this would be happening?

Hi Charlie


Not sure with that really. Does it happen in the default light skin? There isn't any changes to the titlebar that should cause it.... I'll take a look though!

Hi Charlie


Not sure with that really. Does it happen in the default light skin? There isn't any changes to the titlebar that should cause it.... I'll take a look though!

No, not happening with the default one at all. Strange eh?


I have screenshots but at work at the moment. I'll post them later if that would help?

They might help. No harm in having a look! :)

NIce one mate, will post them up when I get hoime about 7:30.

This is it normal when it's first loaded:




Then afterwards it goes to this:






Pretty sure the titlebar should only do that on the Manager screen if you have chosen to invert the colours?


Hope this helps.

Are you running a modified titlebar.xml by any chance. I notice you have left and right background logos which aren't enabled by default in the skin?

Aha, Well I just copied all of my graphics from FM13 folder straight into the FM14 one. I can do without the background logos if you think that's what is causing it?

So maybe If I delete the background logos's and re-load the skin that might sort it?