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The great tactic cooperation of Fm12

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#1 Pyso


    Supernavian Reborn

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There’s about as many ways to approach the creation of a tactic in our beloved Football Manager series as there are people who have tried to recreate the fight scene from Star Wars: Episode I with sticks (Yes, I’m looking at you Q and Putzy, I’ve masturbated to seen the tapes.)

Now I’m not here to teach you that one piece of knowledge that will let you create an amazing record smashing tactic that will let you leave all your rivals crying as you secure trophy after trophy and everyone that stand in your way to dust. But I will tell you a dirty little secret I’ve picked up on over the years; there is no such thing as the one true perfect tactic anymore. The age of tactics like the Diablo, for those that still remember the days of CM 03/04, are over, you simply can’t just download a tactic of some website and win like you’ve never done anything else.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a trick or ten and use them to your advantage on your road to glory, and that’s the real aim of this topic. To create a tactic together and learn from each other, learning by discussing every tweak and change and slowly building the best tactic we can build, together.

And so the first choice stands before us, one that will influence every other choice we make as we go and set the tone for the whole thing. The choice of club! Some things to think about before you make a suggestion;

- Is the club capable of playing several styles of football, or just one?
- Is the club way stronger or weaker than other teams in its league?
- Is the squad diverse enough to actually create some real discussion around roles and positions?

Let the suggestions come!

#2 Pyso


    Supernavian Reborn

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132 views, no replies. Just delete this thread then :P

#3 Qzinho


    Deutschland, Deutschland ....

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Those 132 views didn't include me ;)

My opinion is pick a team that is expected to finish last in a division - mostly because anything achieved will be considered an achievement rather than a leader where all we can do is under achieve ;)

(Plus people will learn much much more)

#4 ChrisOrmie


    Hymns and Arias

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Keep it simple, play people in natural positions as much as possible (sacrificing shape in some cases), limit creativity, keep possession, and don't change too much too soon.

I love the 4132, 4312, 4321 and 451 formations for their stability and possession.

Only other general advice I'd have is to never be afraid of making huge changes when things go against you in game. One example is that if I go down by 2-3 goals with less than 20mins left, I'll adjust things to be ultra attacking and top heavy (like my 2-3-5 formation).

With that kind of thing in mind I like choosing young, hungry teams just below the upper echelons of European football. Any sleeping giants will do for me - Porto, Athletico, Liverpool, Bordeaux, etc.

#5 Xulu



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Playing a single tactical idea? That is right up my alley. What tactic? That depends on quality, and there are two options I go with.

Upper Strata: Clubs that play in Continental Competition on at least a semi-regular basis in the Big 5 Nations or are dominant in the next tier (Ajax, Porto, Santos)
Great Creative Freedom, Controlling Strategy in a Solid Formation like 4-2-3-1, Well-Rounded Versatile Players, Mixed Attacking Instructions, (Through Balls, Crossing, Long Shots, etc). That way the club is able to play against a variety of opponents in a reactive manner but still has one standard way of playing to impose its own way. If I truly had my way, I could take Tiki-Taka and merge it with Pass And Move to create a team that can attack against anything. A front six all packing Plays One-Twos and Dictates Tempo with Mixed Attacking Instructions would be ideal.

Lower Strata: All other Clubs and Leagues
Very Direct Attacking Play in a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3, Players To Play One Specific Position or Style, Gung-Ho Against All Opposition Regardless of Quality. Basically, we will have a real good go at it no matter who we are or who we play against. Parking the bus will not always work in all situations, but attacking will. At lower levels the front three can be more limited (Winger-Target Man) while higher up we could have maybe a little more diversity. Even if the team is poor, we can still be competitive by compressing play and playing closer to the opposition goal.

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